The Inventors are an original 4-piece rock group hailing from Chicago, IL.

They have had many forms but never strayed too far from their core members. Nick, Ray and Joe found each other as teenagers and channeled their youthful confusion into their music. In 2014, they adopted the name The Inventors and found drummer Grant Ossler, whom they wrote and played with for 2 years until Grant left the band. 

After a couple months of failed drummer auditions and growing frustration, Joe took on both lead singing and drumming, as sort of a Band-Aid to heal the drummer sized wound.

Being a 3-piece reignited The Inventors, resulting in recording their inagural LP, "Counting Backwards" (to be released January 2018).
Shortly after recording, the band came across drummer Tommy Mendoza (formerly of Bad Bad Meow, The Interstate), who has now settled in behind the kit. 

The Inventors have toured the US, including a couple trips down to SXSW, and have played at most major venues in Chicago. Many of their songs have been featured on 93XRT and 101WKQX.