“First of all,

We would like to take a second to thank you for spending some of your time to visit our site, click around, listen to our music, and maybe like what you find. As a band we try to work our tails off so that maybe someone will connect with the music we create, just like all of us love and connect with the music so many others create. Our story is short, hopefully you will like to become a part of it, and help it grow. It cannot be said enough times… Thank You, for all the signs of support you show, know that it is appreciated.” – The Inventors


The Inventors formed in fall of 2014, calling Chicago, IL home and still continue to grow from our genuine joy of creating and playing music. Taking influence from every genre in the spectrum we find it hard sometimes to categorize our sound. We know we like to play live, and we know we like to play loud, after that it gets a little fuzzy. The Inventors have been working hard at writing, playing, and performing their music for anyone who is willing to take a listen. Punk, Indie, Rock, Folk, they do it all. As a 3 piece, the lineup is simple, though the energy isn’t. Joe Mango sings, Tommy plays drums, Ray Skamay plays lead guitar, and Nick Kieta plays the bass. The Inventors started as a group of old friends. They grew up in a small Indiana town, so, of course, they were bored. They started a band. Years later we have continued to work and improve. In early 2015 The Inventors released their first EP  “The Procedure Room”. Since its release The Inventors have been playing The Chicago land area, making an occasional trip here and there. Drawing from influences such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and Foo Fighters just as much as System of a Down, Fugazi and Everytime I Die. The Inventors live to play. So, if you let them play, you will not regret it.